Lessons In Loss
What Every Therapist Needs To Know.
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From Lost To Found

Discover the everyday losses that keep you from living the life you desire

Loss is an unavoidable part of life—there are big losses that knock you to your knees, and small ones that just ruin your day. Some happen so often that we no longer notice them…we’ve become numb. Most of us never really acknowledge the losses we’ve endured, and never allow the emotions associated with them to surface. We try to be strong, or tell ourselves it doesn’t really matter. The truth is, it does matter. Unacknowledged and unresolved loss can impact your relationships, your work, your ability to feel happiness or realize your potential. It can lead to addiction, depression…even physical illness. But there is another way, a way to find the happiness you’ve been missing. In this simple but powerful book, you’ll learn to recognize the losses that are stealing your joy—including events you never recognized as loss, but that prevent you from being all you can be. You’ll discover how to release those difficult emotions safely, and find your way to the freedom and happiness you long for. “This wise book is an invaluable guide for anyone dealing with the far-reaching impact of unresolved loss—and that includes virtually everyone. None of us can avoid the losses that are an inevitable part of life. But too often we brush them aside because they hurt—and after all, we’re supposed to just “move on.” As a result, the pain persists, operating beneath the surface, leaving us vulnerable to all kinds of distress, unable to know real joy or realize our full potential. Learn More »

About The Author

Ginny Pizzardi, M.S., M.F.T., has been a clinical psychotherapist since 1985. She has a private practice in San Francisco, California, and is a Candidate at the Psychoanalytic Institute of Northern California.

Book Details

Paperback: 210 pages

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Language: English

Price: $14.95

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In 'From Lost to Found' Ginny Pizzardi offers a way out of this dilemma. Her warm, caring, insightful words will help every reader to uncover those unresolved losses and heal those old wounds at last. It’s a guidebook to joy, one I can recommend to all my clients, students, friends, and family.

— Jack Morin, Ph.D., psychotherapist, author, and teacher

Ginny Pizzardi shares the importance of understanding and recognizing the losses each of us has endured. She offers personal comfort and validation, and provides us with a way to negotiate the journey of finding ourselves and, ultimately, finding enduring happiness and peace. Ginny is a master at getting to the core of the issues surrounding loss as she presents poignant case examples from her own practice as a therapist, and provides tools for self-healing that include journaling, creative visualization, meditation, and mindful awareness. This book offers something for everyone, in all stages of life, and leaves us feeling empowered to face our fears and reclaim our right to joy and happiness.

— Eileen F. Levy, Ph.D., Director, School of Social Work, San Francisco State University