Lost To Found
Discover the everyday losses that keep you from living the life you desire.
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Lessons In Loss
What Every Therapist Needs To Know.
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Areas of Practice


For a child of any age, abandonment is an unthinkable loss, and infancy is by far the most vulnerable period in our lives. The trauma of being abandoned at birth is usually followed by placement in adoption or foster care. Although adoption provides a solution to abandonment, the adoption experience can come with its own set of problems. Entering therapy will give you the safe, supportive environment you need to explore the ways your adoption may continue to impact your life today. You'll discover that you're far more lovable than you may have imagined, and learn to trust your judgment about whom to love — and when to leave. Learn More »

Childhood Abuse

When you enter therapy we'll explore those experiences that may have damaged your basic sense of self-esteem as a child. I'll help you identify the unhealthy messages and beliefs you may have internalized as a result, and learn new ways of thinking about yourself and the world. Our goal will be to help you bring the best of who you are to your relationships and your work, and realize that you deserve the best that life has to offer in return. Learn More »

Couples Therapy

Couples therapy offers an opportunity for the two of you to work through and resolve relationship conflicts, and also for each of you to grow and learn about yourselves as individuals. The goal is to develop an understanding of your difficulties while building on the strengths of your relationship. Regardless of your sexual orientation or the level of your commitment, I welcome the opportunity to help you discover the rewards and riches a loving relationship can bring. Learn More »


The causes of addiction complex, and often run in families either by nature (determined by biology or genetics) or nurture (learned via the environment or behavior). The goal of therapy is to help you recognize any addictive behaviors you may have and understand how they are affecting your life. The next step is to provide the support and education you need to help you replace those behaviors with healthy coping skills. Finally we'll help you grieve the loss you'll feel when you give up the object of your addiction, and celebrate the new freedom you find in releasing it. Learn More »

Domestic Violence

The scars of domestic violence run deep and can stay with a person long after they have escaped the abusive situation. These relationships can destroy or chip away at a persons self-worth, lead to anxiety and depression and making someone feel helpless and alone. Victims of domestic abuse are struggle with unsetting emotions, frightening memories and a sense of constant danger. People often feel emotionally numb, disconnected from themselves, often isolated from others and unable to trust people. The good news is that through therapy people can learn new coping skill, heal the deep scars, and improve the quality of their life. Learn More »