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Couples Therapy

Resolve conflicts that stand in the way
of deep emotional intimacy
Couples therapy offers an opportunity for the two of you to work through and resolve relationship conflicts, and also for each of you to grow and learn about yourselves as individuals. The goal is to develop an understanding of your difficulties while building on the strengths of your relationship.

Regardless of your sexual orientation or the level of your commitment, I welcome the opportunity to help you discover the rewards and riches a loving relationship can bring.

There are many reasons couples come to therapy. Some are struggling to learn how to resolve conflicts, while others simply find themselves growing apart and wish to reconnect with shared values and priorities. Many individuals find themselves emotionally withdrawn and feeling lonely within the relationship. Still others are facing addictions or an affair. In some cases the primary issues are outside the relationship, and stem from conflicts with family members or friends. I have noticed over the years, though, that every couple shares a common desire: to be understood by the other and to feel emotionally close.

Although every relationship must face disagreements, hurt feelings, disappointments, and the need to keep up with one another's changing needs, it is your ability to navigate those issues that will enable your relationship to be healthy, to thrive, and to endure over time. We all bring our individual conflicts, fears, and struggles to our romantic relationships. We all have patterns of relating to others that doesn't always get us the closeness and understanding we desire. We also bring the beliefs and behavioral patterns learned in our family of origin that are often at odds with our current definition of a healthy relationship. But You'll learn how to retain and expand on those things that are working well for you and how you can change the rest, so that together you can find the understanding and deep connection you both long for.