Lost To Found
Discover the everyday losses that keep you from living the life you desire.
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Lessons In Loss
What Every Therapist Needs To Know.
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Therapeutic Approach

Ginny Pizzardi's theoretical orientation is interactive, based on psychodynamic and psychoanalytic theories, to help her clients effectively address personal life challenges.

With compassion and understanding she helps each individual build on his or her strengths to attain the personal growth they seek. Through her extensive training and more than twenty-five years of experience, she has found that suffering is often rooted in unresolved losses, self defeating beliefs, self esteem issues, and other challenges. As her clients begin to understand their conflicts both intellectually and emotionally, freedom to pursue the lives they imagine for themselves becomes attainable.

Many issues can come together to challenge our mental health, including situational stressors such as loss, relational conflicts, divorce, addictions, employment struggles, the death of a loved one, and life transitions. Some people struggle with issues from their childhood or unhealthy interpersonal patterns that sabotage their relationships. Ginny Pizzardi is a dedicated professional, committed to providing quality mental health services that help individuals and couples overcome those challenges and struggles for an enhanced quality of life.

Ginny believes we all strive to love and be loved, to connect deeply with others, to find meaning in our work, and to enjoy our lives. By integrating our emotional, intellectual, and spiritual lives we can fulfill those longings and find the peace and balance that are at the root of true happiness.