Lessons In Loss
What Every Therapist Needs To Know.
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From Lost To Found Content

Part I — Loss: Why Does It Matter?

Chapter 1. The Answer You've Been Looking For

Chapter 2. The Unconscious Mind — Why Unresolved Loss Is So Powerful

Chapter 3. Unearthing Past Experiences of Loss

Part II — Exploring The Losses You've Endured

Chapter 4. When Safety, Self-Worth, and Boundaries Are Violated: Physical & Sexual Abuse, Emotional Abuse & Neglect, Domestic Violence

Chapter 5. When the Family Unit Is Broken: Divorce and Adoption

Chapter 6. When Physical and Emotional Health is Disrupted: Death & Mortality, Illness & Injury, Addiction & Recovery

Chapter 7. The Many Faces of Loss: Loss of a Job, Life Changes, Trauma, and More

Chapter 7. Loss on a Global Scale

Part III — Finding Your Joy

Chapter 9. Make Friends with Your Emotions

Chapter 10. Be Your Own Best Ally in Healing

Chapter 11. Reclaim Happiness

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Paperback: 210 pages

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Language: English

Price: $14.95

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